Why consign with us?

  • Avoid the hassle of placing newspaper ads and having strangers walk through your home.
  • Garage sales bring low prices and a limited number of shoppers for a short time.
  • Auctions cannot guarantee reasonable prices.
  • Our location offers excellent visibility in high traffic.
  • We provide you with a simple agreement form which lists your items and prices.
  • We have the experience to price and attractively display your consignments.
  • Goldsmith Co has established a reputation for integrity and customer service.

Q: What’s my percentage?
A: We don’t work based on a percentage. Most of our clients know exactly what they can expect. We give you a guaranteed dollar amount you will receive once your item is sold. Any discounts or special deals will be taken off our end.

Q: How long does it take?
A: It’s very difficult to predict when a piece will sell — important factors, including time of year, price range and uniqueness of the piece all play a role. Don’t worry and have patience — we will work hard for you!

Q: I’ve changed my mind. Can I pick up my jewelry?
A: You may pick up your jewelry before the contract is up for a fee of $30 per item. We do suggest that you allow a one-year period for us to find the perfect home for your piece. When you change your mind before your item is sold, we require a 24-hour notice for jewelry pickup.