Custom Jewelry Design
in Gold and Platinum

Custom Jewelry Design in Boston

We are well known throughout Boston for our custom jewelry designs!

Custom design gives you the pleasure of creating your own piece of jewelry, which will become part of you and your family. We can create an impeccable piece of jewelry for you using various design techniques such as wax carving, metal models and CAD jewelry design. During the decoration of your piece we successfully use filigree, engravings as well as millgrain edges and pierced work.

Q: How expensive is custom design?  
A: Custom designed jewelry can cost less then you expect. Its more then mass produces, of then poorly made jewelry, but it is worth it to get a quality piece  just the way you want it.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Usually it takes about 4-6 weeks to make a piece.

Q: Would you use my gold?
A: Recast old gold causes severe quality problems. We will recycle your old gold materials by turning them in to our refiner, and give cash credit towards your custom job.

Q: Can you use my gems from old jewelry?
A: We can use your heirloom diamonds or gemstones in a new piece. Colored gemstones of large enough size can be even refreshed (re-cut , re-polished) like new.