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When a diamond is CUT perfectly the facets are arranged in precise formations and proportions, this is what gives the diamond a fantastic fire and sparkle as the light going through the diamond can perform to its best. The cut of a diamond can make it appear to be larger or smaller than its WEIGHT would make you think. It’s often assumed that a 1.00ct diamond costs twice as much as a 0.50ct diamond, however this isn’t the case. Because diamonds as large as 1.00ct are much rarer than a diamond of 0.50ct, this is reflected in the price; you should expect to pay at least 3 times more for a 1.00ct diamond than a 0.50ct diamond of the same quality.

The COLOUR of a diamond is the one thing that you can see instantly, you don’t need magnification to see if a diamond is brilliantly white. D colour is the whitest possible in a diamond, it’s also rarest, and because of that is more expensive than other white diamond.

A diamonds CLARITY is a measure of the natural blemishes inside a diamond, that occurred when the diamond was created inside the Earth.

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